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So I made a Animation but...

2009-09-10 23:56:53 by AwesomenessRob

Apparently I can't animate :c


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2009-09-11 00:05:00

hey man it's way better then anything i've ever made!

AwesomenessRob responds:

Well that makes me feel better :)...That or the vicodin decided to kick in...


2009-09-11 01:34:48

Wow. Even the preloader looks awful. All the best.

AwesomenessRob responds:

told you I can't animate :s


2009-09-12 17:11:13

yeah well why dont you just, GET &@%$ED!

AwesomenessRob responds:

Cuz I'm not the bitch in bed :D


2009-09-12 17:15:54

Your animation not bad don't be so harsh I rated your Uj voted 3.

AwesomenessRob responds:

lolz well if u see my last movie thats bad animating XD